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  • Supply Chain

  • Know the real position today – the link between daily operations – sales and purchases – and the electronic bank statement transactions. Consolidate all the bank accounts, and all the banking locations
    The module that retrieves customer purchase orders electronically from the customer online business exchange, acknowledges and confirms the order, interchanges commodities and presents the customer with sales invoices using their coding
    The module your customers use to place orders for your product, so they understand it, and your ERP understands it. It’s web based, so all that is required is internet access, and orders can be processed from anywhere
    The module that makes your vital business statistics available to the people who need it. Accessing the web, from any location, authorised users are empowered to interrogate their corporate databases for the information they need
    Keep track of the issues affecting your system performance. Log an issue and let Vital take control until the matter is settled

  • Container Depots

  • Storage and handling application software to process the movement of containers in and out of container depots, including the customer specific tariff and billing arrangements
    Maintenance and repair application software to process the maintenance and repair of containers, from inspection and estimate through to billing
    Management Reporting System, providing a rich catalogue of reports necessary to manage modern container depots
    Active Tracking Service providing up to the minute tracking information electronically to depots and clients, to individual client specification
    The container haulage management system, tracking container movement and managing container haulage right down to each trip from the comfort of your own office
    Container cargo management warehouse system to handle containers for import and export, including groupage. Work flow based system offering fully customizable workflows and contract tariffs per client

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